haskell-todo: a toy service in Haskell

Gustavo BicalhoAug 14, 2019


haskell-todo is my first incursion into real-world-ish Haskell. The intention here was to overengineer a toy todo-list webservice to get a glimpse at what it would be like to use Haskell in production.

(Btw, this is by no means production-ready.)

Overall code organization is heavily based on what I’ve seen working with microservices at Nubank - in a Clojure codebase. I have no idea on how it compares to typical Haskell architectures. I built this mostly by fooling around with the language and striving for decoupling and separation of concerns. I tried write what I think is Good Code, but I may have gotten a few things wrong 😅

I’ve learned a lot building this simple thing. I’ve tried to document some of this learning in the modules themselves, in haddock sections. I hope others can learn a lot from this, too :)